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Wednesday 08:30 - 17:30
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Customer Reviews

Friendly and reliable


The staff where very helpful stayed late to try and help they moved cars so we could park over night and once the new parts arrivef they fixed the car within 2 hours just great service


Guys did everything they could to sort me out, I can't fault thier customer service. Unfortunately the repair bill due to high pressure fuel pump failure was more than the value of the car so it was returned to myself for scrap and breaking for parts!!


Nothing was too much trouble. Kept price of repairs down. Very friendly and great service

Mrs LM

AMAZING!! My girlfriends starter motor went one afternoon on her Ford Fiesta and TLAutomotive Service Ltd got the part, fitted it and she had the car back by the morning ready for work!!!! VERY GOOD GARAGE, FAST AND SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE A+ Would highly recomend to anyone!


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